(division) Side Board & Wall Unit

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60L 20w 30.375h sideboard
60L 12w 12.5h wall unit

wood, aluminum and metal casters
The (division) side board & wall unit was a project for a client who wanted a versatile bar/sideboard unit. The piece was designed to be moved around the formal dining area, allowing the space to be dynamic and adaptable to entertaining large or small dinner parties. Custom sizes & finishes available upon request.

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Sean Scott is a designer whose background is in Industrial Design and the Arts. He received his BA in Industrial Design from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Since graduating he has worked in several areas of the design industry, and is now exploring his passion for furniture as the Design Director for the Chicago based furniture design firm, Niedermaier. Sean has been able to fully explore many aspects of design at Niedermaier including: furniture, display, store fixtures, interior design, and graphics. Aside from his full time job, Sean is currently establishing his own company, S2 Design, which focuses on consulting and custom furniture design.

"My influences come from the great designers and architects of the 20th century. Some of the greatest works from that era are "timeless", and can still fit in the most modern of settings. To me that is an ultimate goal to strive for. As designers it is our job to create the elements that will carry us into the next millennium."