Red Mulberry Bench

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52”L x 34”H x 16”D

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WoodWorks is an art studio located in Chicago. We specialize in designing and fabricating residential furniture and accessories. We use sustainable materials, as well as domestic and exotic hardwoods. Our specialty is producing pieces for customers who are unable to find what they are looking for in retail establishments. The majority of our work consists of custom pieces specifically sized for a particular location in the customer's home or business. Because of this, WoodWorks is a unique business, enabling our clients to help design the furniture we build. They can select the wood species, dimensions, hardware, and help in every aspect of the design process. We in turn, create the perfect piece for their needs. Each piece is hand-finished using a variety of varnishes, oils, and wax combinations.

Please take some time to review our furniture pieces to see if we can build something for you!