Thick Elm Slabs

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3" thick elm slabs.  We cut stock from 1" to 4" thick, up to 50" wide in some cases.

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    Horigan Urban Forest Products, Inc.
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    7255 St. Louis Ave
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A family run business, Horigan Urban Forest Products provides reclaimed urban lumber from the Chicagoland area for your project needs.

We redirect a substantial waste stream of urban logs and re-purpose them for beautiful and unique hardwood lumber. Instead of firewood or mulch, these trees live on in countless projects such as furniture, flooring, decorative pieces and more. We work with many of the CFDA artisans and you, the end users, to find the perfect storied and environmentally sensitive lumber that fits the one-of-a-kind, hand crafted pieces you are creating. We facilitate the use of a sustainable and locally harvested wood source. For a small serving of the many projects utilizing our lumber, please visit the gallery on our website. We stock many species in many sizes at our warehouse in Skokie, IL.